Why Film is Good

Why film is good – in terms of relating to societies today. In an hour or so, an issue can be confronted and exposed to an audience of people. The audience may already be knowledgeable, or politically aware of the topic involved; or the audience may be opened to something they did not yet know. Either […]

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I, Daniel Blake

I, Daniel Blake: a must see film from socialist director Ken Loach. An attempt to shove the real issue into the eyes of the public, and confront the government on its poor attention to the benefits system and its policies. I, Daniel Blake removes the stereotypes surrounding those who claim benefits, whilst reducing the stigma surrounding […]

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Save Kiribati – Save Our Planet!

Through watching film, an aspect of interest for me is very often the meaning and truth behind a story, and its relevance on society today. My previous post on La Haine was a good example of this, where the corruption, discrimination, police brutality and stereotypes were a reflection of present day societies. Or my post before […]

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Reflection on La Haine (1995)

It has been much too long since my last post! I thought I would restart with a mini reflection on the brilliant film I watched last night… La Haine (1995) This french film follows a day in the lives of 3 friends – Vinz (Jewish), Said (Arab), and Hubert (Afro-French) – living in the impoverished […]

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Delving Deep

Its been a while since I’ve been on my blog… Schoolwork is keeping me busy, and making me forget that I have a line up of movies I am keen to talk about! Normally, my favourite time to write about a movie would be the day after I have watched it: it’s fresh in my […]

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Confined Spaces

**SPOILER ALERT** Locke Locke follows the car journey of construction foreman Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy), as he makes his way to a hospital in London, where the woman of his one night stand is giving birth to his child, despite having a big pouring job to deal with and wife and kids waiting for him […]

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